Is this you?

You’ve been living your life not really knowing what you’re here for – what your purpose is. You know what you like to do, what you’re good at and even what’s easy for you, yet your life rolls along much the same without actually being very uplifting, exciting or joyful.

What if I told you that your birth chart holds the key to living a life of purpose, one that will grow your Soul and bring you more rewards than you can imagine? That skills and talents you bring in from past lives are not the end of the story for you and what you could be doing instead that will bring you so much more personal and Soul growth?

Then you need to check out this special Soul Purpose reading.

Soul Purpose Reading

During this reading we look at your path of Purpose via the Moon’s Nodes and the Part of Fortune. Both of these special points in your chart give you valuable insight into why you came into this incarnation, what gifts you bring and what lessons your Soul has chosen to learn.

Cost: $99