Queen of CupsKnown also as the Queen of the Thrones of Water and representing emotional integrity and the expression of authentic emotions, this Queen is concerned with maternal issues, and your ability to trust your intuitive guidance and your ability to embrace the deeper meaning of life.

This Queen is connected – deeply, emotionally, instinctually – to the base material of life and the drive towards creation and co-creation. She is kindness and compassion and the essence of the calm sea that soothes and caresses one’s cares and woes.

When you are troubled and everyone around you tries to fix you or tells you to get over it or that you are imagining your troubles, she is the one that just listens and is with you to let you feel what you are feeling without making your feel wrong or broken. She helps you to connect to the depths of your own emotions and validates them, and so ultimately leads you to your healing and back out towards your life=force again.

This Queen may be detached from her feelings – her sensitivity to others’ pain and suffering often causes her to numb her feelings because she does feel it all so deeply. It is just self-preservation, and who can blame her? She still has a warm heart that can be reached by those who are genuine.

She can represent the personification of fantasy – if you have a creative project that is based in fantasy or fiction or magic, then this Queen will help you to connect to the deep undercurrent that energises and brings to life these concepts.

The Queen of Cups also represents the alluring aspect of femininity that enchants and enraptures – if you have not connected with this feminine aspect in the past, she is about to make an appearance and you may find that you meet her, even if she appears in your life as the “other woman” in a love triangle. If this is your experience, it merely means you need to own this aspect in yourself.

How can you now connect with and honour your femininity at this time?

Image “Queen of Cups” © dream-traveler.deviantart.com