Queen of Cups

Of all the court cards, the Queens bring maturity, composure and understanding to the table. The Queen of Cups can be a psychic sponge, and the danger for her is taking on the feelings and emotional burdens of others without a clear way to delineate what she can  keep and make use of and what she should shed for her own balance and state of mind.

It may be difficult for her to draw boundaries so she ends up drained and often lacking energy, and as a compensation she may withdraw or allow some annoyance or irritability to surface in order to gather some space around her to recapture her emotional equilibrium.

This is because she can allow others to take advantage of her kind heart and as a Queen she feels her responsibilities keenly and it takes a lot for her to say no.

Still, there are those who would take advantage of her good nature, and she needs to firm up her fluid boundaries to keep this from happening so frequently.

She is similar in some ways to The High Priestess, but the difference between the two is that the energy of the Priestess is that of a Goddess, somewhat remote and at the same time daunting, where the experience of the Queen of Cups is more human and therefore more fallible and prone to error or being misused by self or others.

The key for this Queen is to remain centred by allowing herself small indulgences to rebuild her delicate nerves and sensibilities. If she would only gift herself with a little “me” time, the batteries would be recharged, the aura is strengthened and she is happy to go amongst those who need her special gifts without compromising her health and happiness.

Image “Queen of Cups” © zingaia.deviantart.com