QofPThe Queen of Pentacles is also referred to as the Queen of the Thrones of Earth, and she is the most grounded and practical of the Queens. She is most linked to the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and the Goddesses of the Hearth as well as the Great Mother and Gaia, Hera and Juno.

She demonstrates her love with practical attention and so she will cook you a meal, offer to drive you to the doctors when you car is in the shop or offer some practical advice about balancing your cheque-book (does anyone do that anymore?)! If you are in need, she is the one to call on, not for emotional support for the Queen of Cups is more suited to that, but to bring chaos under control and let you know that there is sanity and continuity in the small details of life that need sorting.

In love she is warm, giving and sensual. She delights in anything that will light up her senses and she is physically demonstrative when moved. She will overlook anyone who is not financially sound as a potential partner, as she understands the importance of comfort, ambition and ultimately peace of mind. Once she has brought you into her world she is reluctant to let you go – this goes for friends, family and lovers – as she regards people and relationships as investments. You may not hear from her every day but she will remember your birthday or other significant milestones.

In business she is well-organised, productive and hard-working. She knows that anything worth doing is worth doing well and is prepared to put much time and effort into any worthwhile venture. She will see the potential profits in an enterprise and when it gets her stamp of approval you can be sure that this is a going concern, as she has an uncanny knack for knowing what will work.

When she is considering her health, she is of the belief that her body is her temple, and she treats it with the respect and attention such a temple deserves. She may be a little overly fond of the pleasures of the table and has to remind herself that a little fine food and fine wine can go a long way. She loves to be pampered so an afternoon at a spa where she can indulge her senses and her physicality is a tonic for her when she is starting to feel the stress of working hard.

When this Queen shows up in a reading for you, it is time to pay attention to nurturing the physical aspects of your life – your health, finances and relationships.

Image from “Tarot Illuminati” © Erik C. Dunne