Queen of PentaclesThe Queen of the Thrones of Earth is the Queen of Pentacles, who is aligned with the Earth signs of Taurus, VIrgo and Capricorn. She represents fulfillment, nurturing and patience.

The Earth signs are involved in the material plane, and rule all sorts of practical and mundane matters such as finances, career, property and anything that requires growth, nurturing and loving attention and care.

The Queen of Pentacles is a good person to have on your side when looking for security, advice, or practical information, She is the custodian of commonsense and will give you much assistance in how to achieve your goals especially as they relate to your own security and growth.

She is dependable, and steady and will be there in bad times as well as good, and she is not afraid of hard work. She is strong, sensual and self-sufficient, and generous to a fault. If you need her help you only have to ask, but be prepared to take note of what assistance she brings you and to take care of it as she is a priceless source of practicality.

The Queen of Cups loves her luxuries, and tactile enjoyments. Perfumes, beautiful clothing, jewels and elegant surroundings please her, since she is in alignment with her sensual nature and those things that please the senses will please her.

The Court Cards often represent people of influence coming into our lives, and this Queen is a welcome visitor. She represents steadiness, practical help and skills, abundance and future prosperity. She is kind and patient, steady and sensible. Her advice should be heeded, especially if you are looking for security and stability in your own life, as she is an ideal role model for these qualities.

Having the Queen of Pentacles turn up for you in a reading also signals it is time for you to gain an appreciation of the material world in its many aspects, and to nurture and grow your own resources to ensure your future comfort and the comfort of those closest to your heart.

Image from © tarotismyreligion.tumblr.com