Queen of SwordsKnown also as the Queen of the Thrones of Air, the Queen of Swords represents mental development, cool precision of thought and independent logic.

She is sometimes seen as detached, devoid of emotion, yet she is not so. She has mastered her inner strength and this has often come at the cost of personal suffering. She has just learnt not to display her emotions indiscriminately as she understands the power of internalising one’s strength and determination.

This Queen is a mistress of organisation, common sense and fast action. If you need a decision quickly and without fuss, then she is the one to approach.

She has an admirable toughness and lack of sentiment that you would have to get up pretty early in the morning to go around, so my advice is not to even try.

For all of that mental toughness she has a great sense of humour and is quick witted and can be a lot of fun, when the mood is right. She will dazzle you with flashes of verbal brilliance and can hold her own in any debate.

When you have the Queen of Swords in your corner, you are assured of a strong chance at success. She is independent but also committed to a cause if she so chooses, and she will bring many skills of negotiation and diplomacy to the table if that is what is required.

As a partner she is mercurial, she can be moody and sullen, or full of laughter and jokes. One thing is for sure and that is she will never be found with dull routines or partners, so be prepared for much change and variety with her, and also sharpen your wits as you will need them to keep up with her lightning fast thinking.

This Queen’s task in life is to remain true to herself.

Image from “Robin Wood Tarot” ¬©¬†Robin Wood