Queen of WandsKnown also as the Queen of the Thrones of Flame, the Queen of Wands represents warmth, pleasure and loyalty and is depicted in antiquity as the fiery goddesses of old, whose chariots were drawn by lions. Ruled by the Element of Fire, she represents the life-giving properties of the Sun in her benevolent aspect, and the destructive power of flame when in her detriment.

She also represents the loyalty of the heart and the power of the imagination, when in its creative and artistic aspect. She is capable of holding a spiritual vision to its fulfillment and she does this with her strength of will and ability to hold fast to her values.

This Queen has boundless reserves of energy, and she will be found running errands for the family or multitasking and juggling her career or organising her friends’ love lives – she is tireless. If she cannot find an outlet for her energy she will likely be causing trouble and strife so it is best to have a goal to direct this energy towards.

If you were to observe her from a distance without knowing her, you would conclude that her life is one big chaotic drama, but she knows the order of things and can multitask like nobody else, so keep your opinions to yourself if you please!

However, the chaotic energy can sometimes take its toll and attention to detail may be lacking somewhat – and who can blame her, she is Fire and this element will not be delayed and has no patience for pernickity-ness.

To avoid any problems however where attention to detail is an absolute must, then she would be advised to partner up with an Earth Element, such as a Virgo personality that can dot her i’s and cross her t’s when she has moved miles ahead.

If this Queen wishes to pursue spiritual growth, then the path of seeking self-knowledge is advised. Once she is on this path she will benefit all in her acquaintance because her generosity in bestowing her gifts – whether of knowledge, or practical assistance or love – are of the highest order.

Image “Queen of Wands” Andrea Matus