Seven of SwordsThe Seven of Swords is also known as the Lord of Unstable Effort and is aligned with the Moon in Aquarius. This card represents worry, incessant thinking and inability to choose. It is that internal dialogue where you know what you want to do, and then all the ‘yes-buts’ come in to cloud the issue so you end up in a stalemate.

Traditionally, this card serves a warning that something may be taken from you, so best be on your guard. Don’t take anything at face value now, read contracts closely and don’t agree to anything that you’re not 100% sure about.

The energy with this card is erratic, complex and changeable. Since Swords refer to the mental realm – thoughts, ideas and beliefs – this would indicate scattered thoughts and hampered decision making abilities.  Sometimes it can indicate you sabotage your own efforts due to the uncertain state you are in.

And then we can take the flip side of this card in which you can use your wits to subvert an unfair situation to your advantage, especially when the system is blatantly unfair and completely wrong. Seven is the number of challenge, secrecy and deceit and is to be transcended by facing the challenge and overcoming it. The path to overcoming the challenge of the Seven lies in one’s intuition.

Meditation is an invaluable practice for you at this time, because you need to still your whirlwind thoughts and sink down into your intuition.

For the intuition to be of use to you (which is its job after all) you need to be able to listen to your gut, and with your mind racing around like a hamster on a wheel, this is not possible.

Remember that fears are largely constructions of our minds and what we focus on the most – change your focus and start to transform your life.

Image from “Cosmic Tarot ” © Norbert Losche