Six of Cups
Known also as the Lord of Pleasure and aligned with the Sun in Scorpio, the Six of Cups represents emotional renewal, enjoyment and pleasurable experiences, nostalgia and daydreams.

The Sun is our centre, our ego and our light, while Scorpio refers to our ability to have deep emotional responses that add richness to our experiences if we let them. So our whole being has the opportunity to be enriched and made more full by the influence of this card.

There is an element of karma or karmic ties, also a fondness for remembering good times past and even the return of a friend or lover from long ago. This is often a pleasant surprise that adds colour and meaning to your life at this point.

How you experience this card will largely depend on what is going on in the present for you. If you are reliving your past as a means to escape what is happening in the present, you will find that you may be alienating those most close to you now and that have your best interests at heart.

But if you are at a good place in your life now, then looking back will have the effect of enhancing even more your present experiences. In other words, there is a tendency to indulge in escapism so the advice is to avoid this and deal with what is going on right in front of you now.

Since this is such a ‘blast from the past’ card, it could be that you find old emotional patterns that you learned as a child may be resurfacing, when you had thought they were long ago settled. If you find that you are repeating these patterns and they are not helping you, then it is time to examine what the source of these were.

Often decisions that we make as children are appropriate responses for the child, but not for the adult.

Decide if your responses are appropriate for the stage of life you are now in and make adjustments if necessary.

Image from and Yeechi Chen.