Six of CupsKnown also as the Lord of Pleasure and having much in common with the Sun in Scorpio, the Six of Cups represents emotional renewal, romance and reminiscing.

The Sun is our essence, vitality and driving force and being placed in Scorpio gives our energy a depth and resonance that permeates to the core. It is the deep emotions, the face-off with the instincts and experiences  that ask us to transform and grow and come to a deeper knowledge of ourselves.

It can herald the return from an old friend or lover from the past, or a feeling of nostalgia for a time in your past when you considered your life was more perfect or perhaps less complicated. Often it brings fond memories of childhood, when life was less complicated and more magical.

Often it feels like history repeating itself, like when someone who has passed out of your life ages ago turns up in a dream that you remember all the following day and it perplexes you – what does it mean?

There may be situations occurring that remind you of the past, perhaps when things didn’t go so well, and this is often because the lessons we needed to learn from past experiences were not really integrated and so they occur again, to remind you of your patterns and the need to come up with a different response.

This Six brings with it a need or desire for contemplation and meditation, and is an opportunity to examine your past experiences and the traces of those times that you still carry with you and that affect your life and especially your relationships.

And so the past can be  something we need to acknowledge, something we can learn to appreciate, and then something we need to let go of –  it bestows its gifts on us of experience, excitement, sorrow, learning, compassion and patience.

And the opportunity that this card brings, once we acknowledge and own our past, is to let it go, because life is happening right now, as you read these words and life is waiting for you out there – in your future.

“La nostalgie n’est plus ce qu’elle etait” – Simone Signoret

Image from “Secret Tarot ” ©  Marco Nizzoli